Month: April 2019

Get the Smile that you Have Always Desired with Invisalign or Braces

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile but sometimes it is not always the case. When one has an unattractive smile, they do not long to smile, they somehow get self-conscious when they do so. For those that will avoid smiling due to crooked or misaligned teeth, they can achieve the smile that they have always wanted with a good dentist. They can either use braces or invisaligns.

What is the Difference between Invisalign and Braces?

Invisaligns are for those that would not feel comfortable having visible metals on their teeth. Braces will be visible when you smile but for the invisaligns, they are not visible but will serve the same purpose of aligning your teeth.

Why Use Braces to Align Your Teeth

You will definitely feel better when you have a beautiful smile. Braces will align your teeth without pain or pressure. They do not damage your gum or leave dents on the teeth. Comfort is one thing you will love about braces and despite wearing them for quite some time, you will not have any kind of discomfort.

What is the Duration of Wearing Braces?

This depends on several factors and one is the condition of your teeth. …

Having Restorative Dentistry to give you a Smile Back

Healthy teeth and a healthy mouth are some things that one should not take chances with but this is not always the case. Most people will remember about their dental health when they see cavities or they have a toothache. Teeth issues can be quite painful. When you have dental issues, restorative dentistry can make all the difference. Dentists are using the latest technology and treatments to give you a smile back.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a treatment that is done when teeth have already been damaged. If the unfortunate has happened and your teeth have structural issues, these kinds of treatment will take care of it.

What Leads to Teeth Issues?

Neglect is the most common reason for dental issues such as cavities and plaque. Dental trauma and accidents also lead to broken, chipped and displaced teeth.

Common Problems that can be restored

Oral issues are many and treatment is handled according to one’s condition. Displaced teeth, stained, broken, chipped and missing teeth are common. Gum diseases and cavities are also quite common. When you have a reliable dentist, these issues can be fixed. Restorative dentistry will take care of this and you can have your …

Boost Your Dental Health and Improve Your Overall Health

Dental issues can be quite expensive and this is one reason many people avoid seeing a dentist often and let dental issues continue. Some health insurance companies will not even cover dental issues. One good way to promote your dental health is by having regular checkups with a professional. This is when upcoming dental issues are identified and treated to avoid costly and painful issues. 

  • You Prevent Health Issues

Poor dental health has been linked to various diseases. While this can lead to more dental issues, it can lead to other health issues such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, coronary artery diseases and arthritis among others. Maintaining good oral health will help in disease prevention.

  • It can lead to Birth Defects

It’s quite worrying the issues that can be caused by poor dental hygiene. Women who get pregnant without treating dental issues risk giving birth to babies with birth defects. Some of the issues are low birth babies and premature births which no parent would want to experience.

  • You Prevent Dementia

With oral issues such as gingivitis (a gum disease), there are more risks of suffering from dementia. But how do oral issues cause dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease? Bacteria that …

Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has increased significantly in the recent past. More and more people are going for these procedures for various reasons. While some are doing it to repair damaged teeth, others are going for it to improve their smiles and overall appearance. The kind of cosmetic dentistry you get depends on your dental condition and the options available.

  • Helps in Fixing Teeth

Your front teeth are the most visible. Your smile becomes incomplete when some of the teeth are broken, discolored or missing. With cosmetic dentistry, you can achieve a natural look and get your smile back. One way this is possible is by use of dentures or implants that a professional dentist fixes according to your specific needs.

  • You can have a Permanent Solution

What most people with dental issues look for is a permanent solution to these issues. They do not want to have frequent visits to their dentists. Some of the cosmetic dentistry options such as veneers gives these kinds of solutions. Lasting for years and being durable enough to stand the daily use of teeth, veneers have become a popular solution. Veneers, will fix broken teeth, align crooked teeth, prevent loss of enamel …